Who should get critical illness insurance? |Mike Butean

In this article, I will talk about who should get critical illness insurance .

Who should get critical illness insurance?

Did you know that In Canada …

  • Cancer , in 2020 , 225,800 new cases of cancer will occur

  • About 49 % of men and 45% of women will develop cancer during their lifetime

  • Heart Attack It is estimated that there are over 70,000 heart attacks each year. That’s one every seven minutes

  • Stroke About 50,000 new strokes are reported annually

People rarely die from these conditions anymore, but your capacity to work is affected big time. How about your income?

Do you need more worries in your head ?

Example: 3 conditions, $25,000 with return of premium incorporated

for 45 year women is around $28/month and for men is around $43/month.

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