Is Bank on Yourself too good to be true? | Mike Butean

Updated: Mar 9

In this article, I will talk about if Is Bank on Yourself too good to be true?

What is Banking on Yourself?

  • Is a strategy used to structure a whole life insurance policy.

  • Is designed to supercharge growth and build wealth.

  • Is a plan that eliminates unnecessary risk and provides guaranteed returns.

How does Bank On Yourself Work?

  • Uses dividend-paying whole life insurance as a savings vehicle.

  • Features a cash value that builds equity and is an asset you own & control.

  • Creates generational wealth building.

Is Bank on Yourself too good to be true?

Well it depends, you should be the judge:

  • It offers protection for your loved one's quality of life. When you pass away your family will not have another worry on their head, like the financials and you will pass away with dignity.

  • Has an investment component which only goes up and you can have the flexibility to use it for different other investments, like real estate down payment, child education, or buying cars to name a few. In the end can be a solid foundation for retirement planning.

  • Can have some tax advantages , especially if they are purchased through your own corporation.

  • The return on investment is higher than for any other financial instrument on the market and there is a $100,000 reward available for whoever proves us wrong. As a mention the reward wasn’t claimed in the last 10 years or so.

  • Tax free estate transfer of money. When you pass away the money is going to your heirs or to your on a tax-free basis.

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