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Updated: Mar 5

In this article, I will talk about How does Bank on Yourself work?

What is Banking on Yourself?

  • Is a strategy used to structure a whole life insurance policy.

  • Is designed to supercharge growth and build wealth.

  • Is a plan that eliminates unnecessary risk and provides guaranteed returns.

How does Bank On Yourself Work?

  • Uses dividend-paying whole life insurance as a savings vehicle.

  • Features a cash value that builds equity and is an asset you own & control.

  • Creates generational wealth building.

What about the Growth, when you borrow?

  • The biggest, unmatched advantage of Bank On Yourself: The growth continues uninterrupted as if you did not touch a dime of it.

How is your circle of wealth working?

  • Debtor: works to spend Borrows from lender at highest market rate, using future earnings potential as collateral

  • Saver: Saves to avoid paying interest Borrows from self, reducing current collateral position and resets compounding: Human nature

  • Wealth creator: Saves and uses Other People Money to maximize efficiency Borrows from lender at negotiated rates, using own money as collateral and continue to earn uninterrupted compounding

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