Wed., Apr. 07 | Webinar

Build your Life & Retirement by Banking on Yourself |webinar

Mike Butean, Bank on Yourself Professional will go over some investments tools for retirement planning and Bank on Yourself strategy
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Build your Life & Retirement by Banking on Yourself |webinar

Time & Location

Apr. 07, 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

About the event

• Ladies & Gentlemen… we are at the doorstep of a historic moment

• We are facing something right now in Canada that has never been seen before in our history. In fact, it has never been seen before in anyone’s history

• Because it is the first time in our history on the planet Earth that this is happening

• This isn’t a single event but more of a condition or a situation that is starting to unfold

• It is getting bigger every day and it will absolutely affect every person in this room

• And it has dramatic implications for the entire country over the next thirty to fifty years

• What makes this situation so potentially dangerous is that we have no experience dealing with anything like this. As a nation and as individuals we are radically unprepared for it

• But it’s coming as a freight train and there’s nothing that anyone can do to stop it

• You’re probably wondering what I’m taking about. The answer may surprise you: I’m talking about RETIREMENT

• I’m talking about the largest generation of people born anywhere in history of the planet Earth retiring. Now you may think that retirement is nothing new… and you’re right

• We all understand what retirement means

• But this is the first time ever that we are going to have 10 million retirees at the same time

• If you study demographics and history you will quickly see that up until now…retirement has been rare. The reality is that we are now seeing the first generation that is living 10, 20 and 30 years past retirement age

• That has never happened before in numbers like we are seeing today

• When the retirement age was set up at 65 the life expectancy for Canadians was only 72!

• They never expected any significant number of people to need it… let alone 10 million

• No one is ready for this and CPP is covering only 25% of the regular income and increasing to 33% in the coming up years

• The vast majority of Canadians have not planned or saved enough money to last them thirty years. I am not saying any of this to you to scare you. I’m saying it because someone has to tell you the truth. And the truth is you have to protect yourself and your family. That’s one of the reasons we are here tonight: To give you some ideas, some tools, some strategies and plans that will help you take control of your future and build generational wealth

• Now I can’t solve all of this issues in one educational seminar. But my goal is to get you started along a path that will put you and your family in position to not only survive retirement… but also to lead abundant lives and create generational wealth

• My name is Mike Butean and I am Certified Cash Flow Specialist, Bank On Yourself Professional and Professional Financial Advisor candidate.

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