"An invasion of army can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come"- Victor Hugo


You might think that my job is to sell insurance and investments for meeting specific goals like secure retirement or funding the children’s college education and I do that, but my most important function is to help you achieve your lifetime financial goals.
I can help you with life insurance, living benefits , child education and retirement planning. The main strategy I am promoting is the Bank on Yourself strategy.
All the services are available online and I am using Dropbox and DocuSign for safe data transmission.
Face to face meetings are not required, but available at request.
Besides the already known fact that this is my passion and math was always my strength I went through some tough times myself and almost went bankrupt a couple of times, once in Romania after a divorce and once after immigrating to Canada with my family and 2 kids in 2003.
First of all, I wanted to learn for myself and my family how to be able not only to survive but to thrive. This means that I am an advisor who does what he preaches. My goal is to be financial independent , to teach my kids to be financial independents and to help you build a strong financial house.
My best clients are families with kids, 35 to 55 years old, who have a small business or they are professionals , like engineers, accountants, nurses, paralegals , and others and who would like to learn how to build a strong foundation with the ultimate goal to be financial independent.