"An invasion of army can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come"- Victor Hugo


Can I ask you something?

If a financial crisis hit today, would you be in danger of losing everything you’ve worked for?

I went through some tough times myself and almost went bankrupt—twice. Once in Romania after a divorce and once after immigrating to Canada with my family and two kids in 2003. Life can teach painful lessons about money. It taught me to be the advisor who practices what he preaches.

What I preach is how to survive financial storms and even thrive. You might think that my job is to sell insurance, living benefits and investments to achieve lifetime goals. Yes, I can help you do that. Math was always my strength. That said, my most important function is to help you achieve financial independence.

It’s the “Bank on Yourself” strategy.

  • Protecting everything you’ve worked for

  • Achieving lifetime financial goals like higher education or a comfortable retirement

  • Joining the class of independently wealthy Canadians

  • Teaching our kids how to do it too

In fact I enjoy helping young families with kids. They may have a small business or they may be professionals like engineers, accountants, doctors, nurses or paralegals. They may have little wealth, or a lot. Their common ambition is to build a strong financial house, with the ultimate goal of being financially independent.

The process starts with simply booking a phone call, Zoom call or an in-person meeting. Documents can be sent securely using the DocuSign system and Dropbox.

I know life isn’t always easy. Bank on yourself.